Jewish Cemeteries of Greater Cincinnati

Since 1821 when the first of them was dedicated, some 26 Jewish cemeteries have been formed in the Greater Cincinnati (Hamilton County and Butler County) area. Recognizing that many of the forming congregations had ceased to exist, similar problems faced all the cemeteries, and that the leadership base was aging, a small group of community leaders embarked on a multi-year study of these issues with the leaders of these cemeteries in the late 1990’s. Ultimately 22 Jewish cemeteries determined that it was in their mutual best interest to create a new, merged organization,JCGC images which would assume responsibility for the perpetual care of the existing cemeteries and the creation of such new cemeteries as will be necessary to serve the Jewish community’s future needs.

Jewish Cemeteries of Greater Cincinnati, Inc. ("JCGC") was incorporated in 2004, at which time the congregations and independent groups that owned the individual cemeteries adopted a Code of Regulations. In addition, the Rabbis met and agreed upon the ritual governance of the existing cemeteries and any new cemeteries. JCGC completed the cemetery mergers and began operations in 2008. JCGC’s initial funding was provided by the existing endowments from the merged cemeteries, a significant grant from The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati, and an ongoing broad – based endowment fundraising campaign under the auspices of The Jewish Federation of Cincinnati. With this funding in place, JCGC has sufficient funding in place to meet its ongoing operating needs for the foreseeable future, as well as to execute a plan to make repairs in the existing cemeteries and to secure new land for a combined Orthodox, Conservative and Reform cemetery to serve the entire Jewish community in Greater Cincinnati.

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